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MEP Tonino Pocula endorsed AA whit Ukraine

Tonino Picula; Photo: European Union

BRUSSELS – The Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament (AFET) this afternoon passed the Association Agreement with Ukraine with 48 votes in favor, 8 against and 4 abstentions at an extraordinary meeting in Brussels.

MEP Picula as shadow rapporteur for Ukraine in the name of the S&D Group, supported the Agreement, saying that “positive voting on this document should primarily expressed support for something and not be solely motivated by providing resistance to something.”

“It is necessary to support the certification of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine. It is still an important contribution to eliminating the concerns regarding the future of Ukraine. It is not and should not be part of a vassal post-Soviet space in the making, but a country in the regular process of joining the EU“, said MEP Picula. He noted that the support agreement is an important signal that the European Parliament sees Ukraine as a partner whose political protagonists have the capacity to implement reforms.

Confirmation of ratification is expected next week in plenary session of European Parliament in Strasbourg.

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