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Press statement by Knut Fleckenstein and Eduard Kukan on political dialogue and cooperation in Albania

STRASBOURG, 17.12.2014. – Both political groups of Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D) and European People’s Party (EPP) in the European Parliament have been continuous supporters of the EU integration process of Albania and feel responsibility for this process. In this respect, the constructive and sustainable political dialogue between the ruling majority and the opposition, together with political debates taking place in the parliament, is vital for this process.

Following the stalemate in the dialogue between major political groups in Albania and the boycott of the parliament by the opposition Democratic Party, S&D and EPP have intrusted their representatives, Knut Fleckenstein and Eduard Kukan, to help the ruling majority and the opposition to re-establish the political dialogue and encourage the opposition to end the boycott and reassume its work in the parliament.

Members of the European Parliament Knut Fleckenstein and Eduard Kukan have agreed to cooperate and support respective political leaders in Tirana in finding a solution to the recent stalemate and set an agreement on cooperation within the framework of the constitution and political institutions. Both Members of the European Parliament will be meeting Albanian political leaders in Tirana in the upcoming days with the same messages:

· Encouraging the opposition to return to the parliament, re-establishing political dialogue and participation in parliamentary work;

· Encouraging all political parties to engage in the process leading to decriminalization of the parliament and other public institutions.

Mr Knut Fleckenstein will be in Albania on Thursday, 18th of December and Friday, 19th of December, while Mr Eduard Kukan will consequently follow with his visit on Sunday, 21st of December and Monday, 22nd of December.

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