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Statement by Eduard Kukan, Chairman of the EU-Serbia SAPC on Verdict of the International Court of Justice

Brussels, 3.02.2015. – Following the delivery of a long-awaited verdict of the International Court of Justice regarding the dispute between Serbia and Croatia over mutual genocide lawsuits, Eduard Kukan, Member of the European Parliaments Committee on Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the EU-Serbia SAPC, stated:

The verdict of the International Court of Justice dismisses the claims of genocide against Serbia as well as against Croatia. By no means is the verdict to be interpreted as an effort to put in question the crimes by both sides, such as killings and mass expulsions. It is important, however, that these crimes do not serve as a basis for bilateral relations between Serbia and Croatia. Both sides to the conflict should accept the decision of the Court. We must encourage Serbia and Croatia to rise to the occasion and take the decision as an opportunity for improving their bilateral dialogue aimed at working together toward a lasting reconciliation. Once and for all, the bilateral relations between Serbia and Croatia should find a new common ground, one not based on the wartime rhetoric and on the past, but one based on the future, on the countries’ European path and on their joint effort towards lasting peace and stability in the region. It is for these reasons that I support and welcome the verdict of the ICJ.”

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