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Brussels, 13. 02. 2015 – Young European Socialists condemns the latest positions and actions taken by the government of Macedonia, as well as the continued, systematic attacks on the freedom of the media. We send our strong support to our members in the Social Democratic Youth of Macedonia, and declare our solidarity with our comrades who are oppressed by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski’s regime.

The government’s constant evasions and violations of the rule of law and human rights, followed by the unlawful monitoring and wiretapping of more than twenty thousand people, including opposition leaders, must come to an end. We strongly support our partners in their actions to reestablish democracy in Macedonia. Their struggle that lasts for years now is more important than ever.

Defending freedom of speech and the rule of law means defending the milestones of democracy. Defending democracy means defending our core values. Young socialists and social democrats believe that democracy needs to be defended and preserved, no matter how hard it can sometimes be. Therefore, we send our unanimous support and solidarity to our comrades and the people of Macedonia.

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