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HR/VP Mogherini's Statement at the Press point after meeting with PM Mustafa

It is a pleasure for me to visit Kosovo again. Last summer I was here as a minister of one of our member states. But this is my first visit to Pristina as HR and I value this opportunity very much.

It’s also a pleasure to start my visit here by meeting the Prime Minister. I had the honour of meeting already in Brussels when we restarted the dialogue on 9 February, as you mentioned, with very positive outcomes. No need for you to thank me for that result. It was thanks to you that we reached a very positive result of the dialogue and I’m also particularly happy and proud that yesterday the implementation of the justice agreement started with a very positive step.

We are ready to respond in a very positive way to your main requests that you mentioned just now – the need to have more European Union here and to have a clear path of Kosovo towards the EU. The fact that just yesterday, one of my colleagues, Commissioner Hahn, was here for the WB6 conference, and he was here for the second visit in his first four months of our mandate, and that Commissioner Avramopoulos was here just weeks ago to discuss different issues of common interests and my visit here today shows that the rhythm of our presence here. And also your presence in Brussels lately is a good sign that we are here to work together to advance not only for the sake of advancing but for the benefit of people of Kosovo and also for the benefit of the EU citizens because we are convinced that working together being it on the economic development of the country, being it in rule of law, being it in the dialogue itself, on visa liberalisation, on anything else it’s a mutual beneficial exercise for us.

So, as main message I can say “Be sure that we are here!”. The EU is here to work together to make sure that we proceed in the right direction and with concrete results for the people. I appreciate particularly what you just told me in the meeting we had about the focus of the government on the economic program of the country. I know how much this is important especially for young people of Kosovo, the youngest European country. This is a chance and opportunity, but also big challenge for offering those young people future, not only education but also employment, jobs, and opportunities. I’m sure that we can work very much in giving them a bright perspective

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