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Martin Schulz, president of EP, to visit Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Martin SCHULZ - EP President

Belgrade will be the second stop on European Parliament President Martin Schulz’s regional tour. The President will visit Belgrade on 14 and 15 July 2015 to meet with Serbia’s highest authorities and address the Serbian parliament in a special session. During his stay in Serbia, President Schulz will meet with Maja Gojković, Speaker of the Serbian Parliament, Aleksandar Vučić, Prime Minister of Serbia,  Tomislav Nikolić, President of Serbia, Saša Janković, Ombudsman of Serbia, Boris Tadić, leader of the opposition Social Democratic Part, Bojan Pajtić, leader of the opposition Democratic Party, as well as Serbian civil society representatives.

The third stop will be Sarajevo where the President will meet  with the Collegiums of the Bosnia and Herzegovina House of Representatives and the Bosnia and Herzegovina House of Peoples, the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denis Zvizdić, Chair of the Council of Ministers, Igor Crnadak, Minister of Foreign Affairs. He will also have a debate with students on the Bosnia and Herzegovina’s European integration perspective at the Sarajevo University. The visit to Balkans will end on 16 July with the press conference at EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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