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Mogherini and Hahn on the adoption of the Reform Agenda in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The adoption of the Reform Agenda by Bosnia and Herzegovina authorities is a crucial step forward for the country’s EU integration path.

Bosnia and Herzegovina authorities, in consultation with the European Union and International Financial Institutions, agreed a concrete set of reforms, identified as an urgent priority for the country. These reforms aim at addressing the legitimate socio-economic concerns expressed by the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and their demands for jobs and a better perspective. We expect that the country’s authorities will now fully implement the Reform Agenda without delay. In this regard, the adoption of the Labour legislation will be an important first step.

Progress in the implementation of the Reform Agenda will also be necessary for the country’s membership application to be considered as credible by the EU.

The European Union is ready to further support Bosnia and Herzegovina, including with policy advice and financial support, in the efforts to implement the Reform Agenda and advance the country further on its European path.

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