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Time for reconciliation, European future of region


TANJUG_maliLJUBLJANA – MEP Franc Bogovic backs Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic’s initiative for establishing a joint remembrance day for all victims of the Yugoslav wars, as it is time for reconciliation and a common European future based on shared values.

Most ordinary people in the Yugoslav countries want to live in peace and prosperity. Politicians should listen to them, and not individual and often very vocal nationalistic groups, Bogovic told Tanjug.

The rejection of Vucic’s initiative, when it comes to Croatia, Bogovic sees in the context of internal developments in the country.

The election campaign is already overheated in Croatia, without good solutions for economic growth and a better life of citizens, Bogovic said, noting that this is the reason why politicians want to impose topics relating to foreign and neighborhood policy.

Bogovic, vice-president of the informal group “Friends of Serbia” at the European Parliament, said that he absolutely supports every Croat, Bosniak or Serb that proposes an initiative for reconciliation after the tragic events of the 1990s in the Western Balkans.

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