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Morvai: Resolve issues through good-neighborly relations

Hedvig Morvai; Photo: Medija centar

TANJUG_maliVIENNA – The Declaration on Bilateral Issues has been included in the conclusions of the Western Balkans Summit and signed by the foreign ministers of the participating countries.

Hedvig Morvai, executive director at the European Fund for the Balkans, said in a statement to Tanjug that after the last year’s Berlin summit, when the issue of bilateral conflicts in the Balkans was raised, the Austrian foreign ministry allocated funds for drafting a study.

The study was made by the Balkans in Europe Policy Advisory Group, and it was presented at the Civil Society Forum on Wednesday evening, welcomed by everyone so it was included in the conclusions of the Summit, Morvai noted.

The foreign ministers of the Western Balkan countries, who signed the Declaration on Thursday, committed their governments to resolving all open bilateral questions in the spirit of good neighborliness and shared commitment to European integration, and to not blocking, or encouraging others to block, the progress of neighbors on their respective EU paths, but rather obliged them to address the issues early enough in the integration process.

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