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"Friends of Serbia" meeting with Serbian Minister of European Integration Ms Jadranka Joksimović

BRUSSELS, 16.9.2015 – The informal group “Friends of Serbia” is aimed at establishing friendly relations with Serbia and its representatives and at supporting Serbian democratic development. It is chaired by Mr Emilian Pavel, MEP and co-haired by Mr Franc Bogovič, MEP. This group is organizing today the exchange of views with Serbian Minister of European Integration Ms Jadranka Joksimović at European Parliament.As it is stated in their communication, the exchange of views with Ms Jadranka Joksimović, Minister responsible for European Integration in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, is crucial to deepening the relations between the European Parliament’s “Friends of Serbia” group and the Government of the Republic of Serbia in the process of its integration to the EU.

They also stated that the aim of this discussion is to receive first-hand information about the progress of Serbia’s integration process and exchange views on the EU enlargement process, regional cooperation issues, as well as Serbian role in the current migration crisis.

It is concluded that the exchange of views will also tackle the opening of the first chapters in the accession negotiations and analyse whether this process can get under way by the end of 2015.

European Western Balkans will publish a short report after the meeting.

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