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Revitalization of Mitrovica bridge and its surroundings postponed for a maximum of 48 hours

The European Union will postpone for a maximum of 48 hours the start of revitalization of the Mitrovica bridge and its surroundings, scheduled to commence today, in order to provide all parties additional time to reach a mutually agreeable solution.
This short delay should enable conclusion of discussions on the Memorandum of Understanding on the municipal boundaries between the Mitrovica North and the Mitrovica South municipalities.

The EU is committed to achieving a consensus of all sides before commencing the works so that the revitalization can proceed smoothly in the interest of the citizens.

The EU Office in Kosovo/EU Special Representative will keep the public in Kosovo informed about future steps related to the revitalization of the Mitrovica bridge.

The revitalization of the Mitrovica bridge is foreseen by the agreement on the freedom of movement reached on 25 August 2015 between Pristina and Belgrade.

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