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Ivo Vajgl MEP: There can be no political stability in SEE without a clear EU membership perspective for each WB country

Ivo VAJGL (Photo: slovenskenovice.si)

BRRUSSELS, 10.11.2015. – Today the Progress Reports on the Western Balkans countries were presented. Ivo Vajgl MEP (ALDE) comments on the Progress reports, which will be part of a broader ALDE press release.

The coincidence of the presentation of the enlargement reports with the refugee crisis clearly highlights the close connection between the future of the Western Balkans and the EU´s strategic interests.The Commission´s findings on the countries´ current level of alignment with the acquis show that, generally speaking, progress is visible and encouraging, Vajgl said.

He added: “It is now time to acknowledge that there can be no political stability in South-Eastern Europe without a clear EU membership perspective for each Western Balkan country. As a result of the successful mediation by the Commission and the European Parliament, the severe political crisis in FYROM has been overcome and political dialogue has resumed within its institutions. The Commission´s decision to make the recommendation to open access negotiations conditional on the full implementation of the Pržino agreement will be a strong incentive for the country to start delivering on urgent reforms.”

Serbia is making decisive steps towards EU membership and deserves our full support. More effort is still needed in guaranteeing the respect of fundamental European values such as freedom of expression and the protection of minorities and LGBTI rights. The progress made in the normalization of relations with Kosovo is of key importance in the framework of Serbia´s policy of enhanced regional and bilateral cooperation, he concluded.

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