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EU publishes negotiating position on Chapter 35

Beograd - Pristina; Photo: EPA / Valdrin Xhemaj

TANJUG_maliBRUSSELS – The EU’s negotiating position regarding Chapter 35 on Kosovo in Serbia’s accession talks implies a normalisation of Belgrade-Pristina ties and implementation of the Brussels agreements, while tying Serbia’s European integration to progress in this process.
“If progress in the normalisation of relations with Kosovo significantly lags behind progress in the negotiations overall due to Serbia failing to act in good faith, in particular in the implementation of agreements reached between Serbia and Kosovo, the Commission will on its own initiative or on the request of one third of the Member States… propose to withhold its recommendations to open and/or close other negotiating chapters, and adapt the associated preparatory work, as appropriate, until this imbalance is addressed,” states the negotiating position, published on the EU website.

The full list of interim benchmarks is included in the EU common position AD 12/15.

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