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McAllister: Stability through integration, cooperation

David McAllister

TANJUG_maliBRUSSELS – Political and economic cooperation in the region is a good way to tackle all kinds of challenges, including security ones, says European Parliament’s (EP) rapporteur on Serbia David McAllister.
Speaking about the political and security situations in the Western Balkans, McAllister said that the countries in the region were geographically surrounded by EU member-states and the Union’s approach towards the region was characterized by “stabilization through integration.”

He said that one of the “political categories for Serbia’s accession process” in the EP resolution on Serbia he had drafted was regional cooperation.

“It helps the region address shared challenges such as energy shortages, pollution, transport infrastructure and cross-border criminal activities,” McAllister told Tanjug ahead of the EP debate on his draft resolution on Serbia in Strasbourg on February 1-2.

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