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Conference “EU support and Albanian Citizens – a Regional Perspective”

TIRANA – Minister of European Integration, Ms. Klajda Gjosha, attended today the conference “EU support and Albanian citizens – a regional perspective”. The conference was organized on the occasion of the project closing ceremony of the “Project Preparation Facility” (PPF), financed by the EU and ADC. Present at the conference was Mr. Sebastian Kurz, Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, the Republic of Austria.

In his address, Mr. Kurz stressed that Austria will continue to support Albania’s integration process. Minister Gjosha said that without European partners, Albania’s path to joining the EU would be even more difficult.

“Albania is facing a very big challenge, that of the accession of negotiations. We are aware that to overcome this challenge, mainly, in the context of key priorities, the conditions to be met depend on the will and commitment of all stakeholders in our society. Furthermore, they depend on the willingness and accountability of the Albanian political class”, said Minister Gjosha.

Minister of Integration said that Albania needs to increase capacity, raise standards in many sectors, have the necessary expertise for reforms, have efficient institutional structures, not only to develop further, but to be even more prepared to manage the EU funds.

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