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Minister Gjosha with MEPs Knut Fleckenstein and Gianni Pittella

BRUSSELS – During her visit to Brussels, Minister of European Integration, Ms. Klajda Gjosha held meetings with Euro-parliament members Knut Fleckenstein and Gianni Pittella.

Minister Gjosha expressed gratitude on behalf of the government for the support they have provided to Albania’s integration process. The reforms that are being undertaken and the challenges Albania faces were the focus of these meetings.

Minister Gjosha thanked Mr. Fleckenstein for the EU Draft resolution, describing it as very positive for Albania.

“I want this report to be even more incentive for Albania’s integration process, because actually all citizens are expecting a further step, that of the opening of accession negotiations”, said Minister Gjosha.

In the light of this visit Minister of European Integration held a meeting with Mr. Gianni Pittella. The focus of the meeting was the process that will bring Albania closer to the European Union.

According to MEP Gianni Pitella, in April the European Parliament will draft a resolution on the state of play of this process, at what point we are and where Albania has arrived, with the improvement of the justice system.

“Many factors are affecting in this context, as the steps that are being taken to reform this system. The encouragement we have given to the Albanian government is that curing more and more judicial system in Albania, I think I am allowed to say that the judgment of the European Parliament will be more favourable”, said Mr. Pitella.

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