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EP plenary to discuss resolutions on Montenegro and Macedonia

European Parliament; Photo: European Union

STRASBOURG – On Wednesday afternoon, Members of European Parliament will debate, among other topics, on Resolutions on Progress Reports on Montenegro and Macedonia.

Discussion will take place after 15:00 and  MEPs will deal with challenges with the rule of law, corruption, discrimination, the pace of structural reform, and the polarisation of politics, which burdening relations between those countries and EU, and which are underlined in EC Progress Reports.

Debate will begin by addressing the representatives of the Council and the Commission, which will be represented by Commissioner Johannes Hahn. Then MEPs will hear presentations of rapporteur Charles Tannok (ECR) for Montenegro and Ivo Vajgl on Macedonia, followed by speeches of shadow rapporteurs.

In the second reading on AFET,  Tannock marked negotiations on the new government of electoral confidence as the most important thing in Montenegro right now. On the same session Vajgl has pointed out that the country is at a “political crossroad” and has urged it to successfully conduct snap parliamentary elections, set for 24 April, under the Przino Agreement.

On this two resolutions MEPs will vote on Thursday after noon.

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