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Izetbegović hosted the AFET’s delegation

SARAJEVO – Political and economic situation in BiH was discussed in the context of BiH’s membership in the EU, as well as the Reform Agenda implementation plan within that process. It was underlined that it was necessary to continue the reform processes in order to enable the EU to respond promptly, by sending a questionnaire, to BiH’s application for membership, and to grant EU candidate status to BiH.

Finalizing of the results of the Census of Population was greeted as an important step forward in the process of fulfilling the conditions for a full membership of BiH in the EU.

Elmar Brok chaired the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs’ delegation. He underlined that the European Parliament stood for the European future and stability of BiH. Members of the Committee expressed their support respectively to the European prospects of BiH, and called upon continuation of economic, political and legal reforms necessary for BiH to make progress in the process of EU integration.

Furthermore, it was underlined that it was necessary to maintain the positive impetuous of the reform process, and establish an efficient coordination mechanism at all administrative levels in order to enable BiH to submit a credible application for full membership in the EU by end of 2017.

The progress achieved in finalizing the protocol with the EU in view of adjusting the Stabilization and Accession Agreement was found positive, whereas the importance of regional cooperation in the process of European integration of BiH was underlined.

The European Parliament’s adoption of the Resolution on the European Commission Report for BiH for 2015 in April was found positive.

The Chairperson of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bakir Izetbegović thanked for a continued support provided by the European Union and the European Parliament bodies to BiH’s progress towards the EU accession.

Advisor Mira Pekić attended the meeting on behalf of the BiH Presidency member Dr Mladen Ivanić, and Advisor Dejan Vanjek attended it on behalf of Dr Dragan Čović, the Croat member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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