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Launching of the 3-month Business STARTer academy for young people from BiH

SARAJEVO – The Foundation for socio-economic development 787, formed by EFB Community Members from Bosnia and Herzegovina welcomed the 12 participants from different cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the beginning of the Business STARTer Academy – a three month programme for young people that will last from May to July, which is supported by the European Fund for the Balkans.

The first phase of the entrepreneurship academy Business STARTer, will be implemented through a multi-day sessions that will be organised from May 20-25, and aimed at promotion of the the entrepreneurial culture among the young people and increasing the opportunities for establishment of new businesses. The program will be focused on acquiring knowledge and skills in the field of entrepreneurship and leadership that are essential for the active participation of young people in the socio-economic activities in BiH. In addition, the participants of the program will also have the opportunity to establish valuable network of professional contacts that may encourage and support their future entrepreneurial activities, and general social activism.

On the first day of the program, the participants had the opportunity to talk to several young entrepreneurs such as the dentists Dunja Divanović and Amara Piknjač who are also owners of the dentist office “Floss Gloss”.

“We want to motivate the young people to be courageous and determined and to follow their dreams and ideas even when things seem complicated. We stayed in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to move forward and to contribute to the development of our country, because we believe that one can succeed anywhere if it is devoted to its work. Young people especially should take their destiny into their own hands”, said Dunja and Amara.

One of the panelist was also the marketing expert, Ema Bukovica – founder of the Agency EBBE COMMS.

“Knowing that every tip is worth it, I’m honoured that I can at least present my verbal support and share my experience to the participants of the Business Started Academy who would need all the extra help to start a business, especially in BiH conditions”, said Bukovica.

Motivated by the positive examples and stories, the participants of the entrepreneurship academy will continue to acquire more knowledge on the topics such as the functioning and structure of entrepreneurial ecosystems in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the legal and financial aspects of the development of a business model for their own business ideas, and a variety of skills needed in the business world.

The Business Starter Academy is supported by the European Fund for the Balkans, and a number of sponsors and patrons including Akta.ba, Antena Sarajevo, Privredna Stampa, CocaCola BiH, Franz & Sophie, Leef, Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo and the Marketing Agency Creative 24/7.

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