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Vujanović met with president of the NATO parliamentary assembly Michael Turner

Michael Turner

PODGORICA – President Vujanovic expressed his appreciation for the U.S. support to the process of Euro-Atlantic integration of Montenegro and satisfaction that Congressman Turner, as President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, sent a clear message about the need of quick ratification of Montenegro’s membership in NATO.

Noting that the bilateral relations are very meaningful, he expressed his belief that the cooperation in all fields will continue with the assessment that this is particularly important for preserving the position of Montenegro as a good example in the region.

Congressman Turner assessed as valuable our success in Euro-Atlantic integration, with the expectation of good dynamics of the ratification process which will allow Montenegro to become a member of NATO as soon as possible. He reiterated the clear message of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly to encourage the dynamic process of ratification of the Accession Protocol. He also expressed satisfaction with the good bilateral relations between the United States and Montenegro, stating the belief that those relations will continue to develop and that we will share all open opportunities for such a cooperation.

The meeting was attended by U.S. Ambassador to Montenegro Margaret Ann Uehara.

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