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Hahn: The Przhino Agreement still remains in force

Johannes Hahn

meta_maliSKOPJE – In an interview with the portal “Euractiv”, European Commissioner, Johannes Hahn said that the Przhino Agreement has to be fully implemented.

“I would constantly withdraw what we expected from political leaders in the country: the full implementation of the Przhino Agreement, which political leaders reached last summer, and that still remains in force, the serious work in reforming the rule of law, the full withdrawal of the pardons granted by the President and last but not least, unlimited support to the Special Prosecutor, which is part of the Przhino Agreement”, said Hahn.

Commissioner Hahn said in the interview that the interests of Macedonia and its citizens should be put before party and political interests.

“Basically, the interests of the country and its citizens need to be put before the party-political interests. The European Union and the international community have made every effort to support the democratic reform process. However, implementation can only be successful if political leaders stick to the agreements that they have signed, to fulfill their obligations and take responsibility”, says Hahn.

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