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Germany wants elections conducted quickly and the formation of a technocratic Government

Thorsten Frei

meta_maliBERLIN – The current situation in Macedonia is worrying! This is what the German Minister of State told the German Bundestag, which is the Committee for Foreign Affairs, reported “Sakam da kazam”.
The portal reports that the spokesperson, Thorsten Frei, a member of the Committee and MP from the CDU/CSU in the Bundestag, brought some relief with the news that all pardons had been withdrawn, which is one of the important conditions for unblocking the political crisis.

“Currently, there is no new date for elections. However, it is important that Macedonia conducts elections quickly, and forms a technocratic administration that will help them create a new democratically elected Government”, said Frei.

He also said that the name dispute should not be forgotten.

“If Macedonia is to go on the path towards Euro-Atlantic integration, the country should create conditions regarding reforms in the country which are connected to the European perspective. However, if there is no challenge for their membership, from one of the EU’s partners, Greece, for egoistic reasons, constantly blocking, then one becomes skeptical of what is required of Macedonia in terms of further reforms. So, I believe that with the implementation of the Pržino Agreement and national reforms, it is extremely important make some sort of progress in regards to the name dispute as well. Here, the EU, and probably the German government should take part of the responsibility”, said Frei.

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