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Haindl: The way out of the political crisis lies within the Pržino Agreement

Johannes Haindl

meta_maliSKOPJE – Special Envoy to Macedonia, sent by the German Minister for Foreign Affairs, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Ambassador Johannes Haindl believes that the answer to the way out of the political crisis lies in the Pržino Agreement, which he says he good news, however, the bad news is that the process is blocked, the crisis prolonged, and time is running out.

“My assessment is that the Pržino Agreement should be reaffirmed, as it provides a framework for the reform process which is important for finding a way out of the crisis and progress for Euro-Atlantic integration of the country”, said Haindl.

Ambassador Haindl pointed out three points that are important and have to be implemented without delay.

“Firstly, the parties should agree on a date for elections and to do that you need to conduct free and fair elections. Secondly, the Special Public Prosecutor must be allowed to operate freely without obstruction and, thirdly, the parties must agree without further delay to implement reforms noted in the Priebe Report. Party leaders must put the interest of the country first and implement the necessary reforms”, underlined Haindl.

Ambassador Haindl did not want to answer questions from journalists. He said he had fruitful discussions with the leaders of the four main political parties, President Gjorgi Ivanov and Foreign Minister, Nikola Poposki. He again welcomed the President’s decision to fully revoke all the pardons, adding that it would help everyone focus on issues that are key to the country’s future.

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