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Ivanov Boasted that he Prevented Clashes and Anger by Zaev, Ahmeti, SPO, NGO’s and Foreigners

Gjorge Ivanov; Photo: European Union

meta_maliSKOPJE – President Gjorge Ivanov in his address to the nation said that he had no plans to resign despite the opposition’s attempts for his impeachment because of the pardons he had granted which according to them said the President, had deepened the crisis.

So far he made his sharpest comments and criticism about the opposition, the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office, civil societies and their “partners”. Ivanov stated that no President has been held accountable for dealing with difficult situations in the country.

He pointed out that last year Macedonia was exposed to danger within the country’s security and that because of the crisis and the political selling and reselling, the work of the institutions was undermined. Ivanov also determined that the Special Prosecutor’s Office failed in their work.

“The rule of law was undermined by those with no culture and virtue to solve problems through dialogue and institutions – such as the SDSM and the DUI. Instead of sitting at the table together, they ran to the foreign embassies. In Macedonia, there is a special war taking place, and its aim is to keep the situation tense with some sort of technocratic governments. I urge all partners, do not use the situation for your own gain and interests. Blocking the European and Euro-Atlantic future contributes to blocking the political process in Macedonia. Therefore, I urge the European Union and NATO to unblock Macedonia’s path. The process of negotiation and closing chapters would have taught the political elite the culture of dialogue and compromise”, said Ivanov.

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