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Montenegrin success in EU integration incentive for the whole region


BRUSSELS – Expansion is important for EU’s credibility and Western Balkan in general, and Montenegro’s success on that road is a powerful incentive for the other countries in the region, said State Secretary for EU integration Aleksandar Andrija Pejović, Charles Tannock, a representative in EU Parliament and Petra Kammerevert, also an EU representative.Ministry of Foreign Affairs and EU integration stated that constructive conversations were an opportunity to summarise achieved results and exchange opinions on further goals.

Pejovic introduced his interlocutors to current activities in the negotiations and conveyed the determination of Montenegro’s Government to continue with reforms in all areas, especially rule of law, economic development and administrative capacities.

Pejovic said that Montenegro is determined to accomplish firl rule of law, and there are already results in fights against corruption and organized criminal.

He said that we are aware we have a lot more to do, but we are certain that we are on the right road.

He said that the fact that tomorrow’s opening of two more chapters demonstrates EU’s dedication to further expansion.

EU representatives said that they are proud of Montenegro’s success in reforms.

Tannock, who himself was against Brexit, welcome reforms and results, saying they are a sign of democratic maturity of Montenegrin society.

He said that EU Parliament will continue to support and follow Montenegro’s integration.

He said that integration of Western Balkan is key for stability and prosperity of our region.

Source: CDM

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