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Council of Minister's 62nd session: BiH to get closer to European public administration principles

SARAJEVO – The Council of Ministers of BIH defined, at today’s 62nd session, a Proposal Law on administration, more precisely defining certain provisions, subject to the needs of its operations, and it introduced an amendment, to secure a credible and high quality application of the piece of legislation.

The governing principles of the Amendments and Supplements to the Law on Administration are accountability, reliability, legal certainty, openness and transparency, while their implementation in practice will secure approximation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the European principles of public administration and public governance.

The Amendments and Supplements to the Law will secure, among other things, a systematic application of the Law on civil service in BIH Institutions and in institutions working on a narrow specialist expert and other assignments, because instead of advisors, these responsibilities will be performed by managing civil servants. Also, a systematic approach is insured to the issue of special conditions for appointment of managers and deputy managers of administrative organisations in cases when special laws do not prescribe special conditions for their appointment. Also, technical mandate and appointment of acting position holders is limited to three months, with a possibility for another three month extension only in particularly justifiable cases.

The Ministry of justice will provide the proposal Law on amendments and Supplements to the Law on Administration to the BIH Parliamentarian Assembly for consideration under regular legislative procedure.

Preparations to Paris Summit

The Council adopted an Addendum Information of the Ministry of Communications and Transport on measures undertaken for preparation of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s delegation to take part at the up-coming Summit Western Balkans in Paris.

BiH insittutions Attachment harmonised with new reporting methodology goes for Brussels

The Council of Ministers of BIH adopted an Attachment of BIH Institutions for the regular annual report for 2016 in English language, in accordance with requirements of a new reporting methodology.

Upon a proposal of the Directorate for European Integrations, Information on development of BIH Institutions Attachment for regular 2016 report was adopted priory, made as per requirements of new reporting methodology.

The new methodology shifts the European Commission reporting focus from the progress achieved in a reported year to country’s capacity development for fulfilment of the EU membership requirements in specific areas as a continuous aim. This year, the European Commission provided a list of control questions, identical for all countries in the accession process, and it applied new reporting methodology to the areas of freedom of movement of goods, competition, energy, transport, environmental protection, as well as certain elements of justice, freedom and security (migrations, asylum, borders and countering terrorism), including public administration reform.

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