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Tannock: I will not be a representative for Montenegro after Brexit

cdm logoBRUSSELS – European MP from Great Britain Charles Tannock stated to Pobjeda that we would no longer be representative of EU Parliament for Montenegro after his country formally leaved EU.

“I will remain a representative for now, but after the Government of United Kingdom activates Article 50 of Lisbon Agreement and puts the exit in official terms, I do not believe that it would be appropriate for a representative from a leaving country to oversee a process of another country joining EU. I will leave this function with a great sadness because I am a speaker for expansion and Montenegrin EU path”, Tannock said on the matter.

When asked whether the expansion would stop after Brexit, Tannock said that there is an opinion that EU should focus on internal matters before dedicating to expansion.

“I do not think that Brexit would stop further expansion, but it is challenging”, Tannock said.

Regardless, he believes that EU is a good project.

“European Union is a unique project in the world, strengthened by a desire for peace and prosperity, that aims to use the strength of individual countries together. Despite some issues EU has, I believe that it achieves its goal and that all European countries could feel the benefits EU brings”, Tannock said.

Charles Tannock is a member of the Conservative Party from Great Britain and he is a part of reformist group in EU Parliament.

During the referendum campaign, he was voicing the remain option. As a representative for our country he gave mostly positive reports on progress, often saying that Montenegro has a good chance in EU integration.

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