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Elections in November, examination in August to check whether conditions and agreements have been met

meta_maliSKOPJE – Elections in November are possible, however with a prior examination in August to see if conditions have been met, and all notes from the negotiations – This is a possible solution, sources from within the negotiation teams from the political parties told “Meta”.

After several hours of talks today between the representatives, Nikola Todorov from the ruling party, the VMRO-DPMNE, Radmila Sekerinska of the SDSM, Artan Grubi from DUI, and Imer Aliu of the DPA, there is definitely optimism among all participants in the talks.

According to our sources, there has been a slight improvement regarding issues such as the electoral roll and reforms to the media.

The option has again been put forward, for the 40.000 citizens who could not be found during the field tests, to report themselves to the State Election Commission (SEC). If they do not report to the SEC by a certain date, their names will be removed from the electoral roll.

As for the issue of the media, negotiating teams have been discussing new proposals, so some progress has been made in that area as well.

Apparently, proposals concerning the formation of a special court and a special department within the MOI for the Special Prosecution’s office (SPO), have been brought to the negotiating table.

The Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs from the US State Department, Victoria Nuland, said today that after visiting Macedonia, she will be leaving feeling encouraged and confident in the hope that in the next few days the parties will reach an agreement over the disputed issues such as the electoral roll and reforms to the media for elections.

“I have met with the four political leaders, and I have to say I am leaving Skopje feeling confident and encouraged that in the next few days the negotiating teams will come to an agreement and are currently at the negotiating table discussing various ideas, which will lead to elections. This will require political will from all sides. I felt that there is will”, said Nuland.

The second goal, as she said, was to support the strengthening of justice and the rule of law in Macedonia.

“Today, I met and talked with civil activists and journalists and encouraged them to continue with the work they are doing. This morning as well, I had the opportunity to meet with Ms Janeva and her team. Her work is vital to the rule of law, accountability and a clean legal system for the country, something which is essential if Macedonia wants to achieve its Euro-Atlantic aspirations”, said Nuland, adding that the United States have supported Macedonia’s efforts to join the EU and NATO for a long time.

Negotiations between the political parties continue tomorrow from 14:00 at the residence of the European Union in Pržino.

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