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Joint statement of Eduard Kukan and Knut Fleckenstein, Members of the European Parliament, on justice reform in Albania

“We are following the latest developments around the justice reform in Albania very closely. We have supported this reform from its very outset and we continue to support it, together by encouraging our respective political partners in Albania to find sound compromise solution, while seeking the highest possible standards for a comprehensive judiciary reform.

We regret that the last compromise proposal of the international community was not accepted. Nevertheless, we are still convinced that the solution is within reach. It is a duty of the Albanian state to guarantee the rule of law for its citizens and it is the responsibility of political leaders in Albania to adopt a credible judiciary reform, which will guarantee an independent and efficient justice system.

We support the role envisaged for the International Monitoring Operation to oversee the entire vetting process. In our opinion, it does not diminish the ownership of the Albanian authorities, which is essential.  International involvement would strengthen the credibility of the reform in the eyes of the Albanian public and of the international community and is in line with the recommendations of the Venice Commission.

Having in mind the importance of this reform for the Albanian public, for a prosperous future of the country and for Albania’s progress towards EU membership, we stand together ready to help our political partners in Albania to reach the necessary agreement for adopting the reform.

We strongly encourage political leaders in Albania to continue their talks in a spirit of good will, keeping in mind the main goal of this reform – establishing a credible, independent and efficient justice system in Albania.”

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