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Civil society urges politics to adopt judicial reform by consensus

ata_maliTIRANA – Two days before the vote on judicial reform by Parliament, civil society representatives called on Albanian political class to approve on Thursday the draft constitution, in a meeting of National Council of European Integration (NCEI) to discuss the issue of the day, the reform approval on July 21.

In his opening remarks, President of NCEI, Majlinda Bregu, underlined the importance of adopting this major reform by all political forces.

Civil society organizations’ representatives expressed their support for the adoption of the draft constitution by a broader consensus, which 91 percent of Albanians have agreed on.

It is about time for politics to begin to understand the Albanians’ frustration. And before this reform to be a prerequisite for the country’s EU integration, it must first be a prerequisite to mete out justice for all Albanians, they said.

The NCEI’s meeting was attended by representatives of diplomatic corps in Tirana, the EU ambassador, Romana Vlahutin, Ambassador of Germany, Susanne Schütz, Ambassador of the Netherlands, Dewi Van De Weerd, etc.

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