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What the parties agreed to: New Editor at MTV, ad hoc body for the media and support for the SPO

meta_maliSKOPJE – The delegation from the European Union in Macedonia have published on their website the agreement reached by the four political parties (Agreement between the four political parties 20 July 2016).

In the agreement, it says the parties have agreed that the electoral code will be amended by July 22 to reflect the agreement below on the voters’ list.

According to the agreement, 171 500 persons will be placed in the supplementary part of the voters list and their right to vote is not disputed. The disputed 39 502 persons will be published by the SEC within 3 days following the adoption of the amendment of the Electoral Code. The data will be published and the persons concerned can verify with the SEC within 25 days whether they should remain on the voters list. Three or more members of the SEC may request an extra scrutiny for any name.

In regards to the media, the parties have agreed that the AVMS Law and the Electoral Code will be amended within 15 days from the date of this agreement. AAVM will establish an ad hoc body to monitor compliance with media provisions of the electoral code. This ad hoc body will function until the end of the electoral process. The ad hoc body will be composed of five persons and shall be established within 30 days from the date of this agreement.

In consultation with relevant professional organisations, the four political parties will select four members of the ad hoc body of whom at least one will be ethnic Albanian. These four persons will select by consensus the fifth member within 15 days.

Beginning 100 days before elections, the Council of the AAVM shall follow the recommendation of the newly established department and will initiate the procedures vis-a-vis the media as prescribed by the legislation. All fines for media outlets in the AAVM Law and electoral code relating to media will be reduced by 50%.

Also, it has been agreed that reforms to the media will be in accordance with the Priebe report and implemented within 6 months after the elections.

In consultation with the other parties, the biggest opposition party will nominate a chief editor (informativna redakcija) of the Public Broadcaster (MRTV) from experts in the field. Provided that the parties confirm that the conditions for elections are in place, the new chief editor will assume his / her functions 100 days before elections.

At the end of the agreement, it states by 31 August, leaders of the four political parties will assess whether the above-mentioned steps have been completed by which the conditions for holding elections are fulfilled. The leaders will confirm this and the date of elections by a signature.

Also, the agreement states that the Special Prosecutor has to be supported, and in case the Constitutional Court decides SP legislation or its part is unconstitutional, four parties commit to aligning the legislation with the decision of the Court and to re-establish the office according to a decision within five days.

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