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Vlahutin: Following the reform adoption, Albania has a chance to make up for the lost time

Romana Vlahutin

ata_maliTIRANA – The 18-month process for the drafting and adoption of the constitutional amendments on judicial reform that passed by a unanimous vote in Parliament, for the EU Ambassador in Tirana was an exhausting job.

In an interview with DW, Romana Vlahutin said that the process become more difficult due to the lack of trust in institutions, which makes trust between people easier.

“Here the situation was such that we had neither of them. It is too complex to explain to everyone that what we’re trying to do is to create a basis for something that will be negotiated later, in chapters 23 and 24 of the negotiations between Albania and the EU; these are precisely the standards of the European system of justice: justice fully responsive, fully independent and truly at the service of citizens; that has to do with institutions and non with individuals- this was the most difficult part,  because I think that the way things are done here for a time much longer than a few decades continues to produce perceptions, such as for e.g., if you have to do with a woman her word has no weight, she may not have power”, Vlahutin argued.

The judiciary and any other power cannot be slave of a group that essentially preserves and protects only its own interests, said the ambassador, adding that “this is for me the main focus of everything we are trying to do: help to set up a system to serve the citizens of this country

Regarding the negotiations, the EU diplomat declared that we must see the signs of the beginning of implementation of the reform, this is clear, it’ has been clear from the beginning.

“I can say that for the first time in its history Albania may move more quickly after losing much time. Now it has the chance to speed up everything. This is a great opportunity. I hope that not only the people who understand this opportunity, but also all those who are supposed to be at the forefront of the implementation of the judicial reform must do all that is necessary for the country”, said Ambassador Vlahutin.

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