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NATO the cheapest and safest protection for future

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cdm logoPODGORICA – Membership in NATO is the cheapest insurance policy for Montenegro. As a membership fee, Montenegro will pay 0.027 percent of NATO’s budget, which is at this moment around 450.000 US dollars, it is a message from an animated video with the topic of Euroatlantic integrations of Montenegro, one of the series of animations that the Communication team of the Council for membership in NATO has prepared.

As it was announced from the General secretariat of the Government, after the animations that explain the importance of the rule of law and compatibility of the processes of European and Euroatlantic integration, the animation that was published on Facebook, Twitter and internet page “Safe future” today gives answers regarding the expenses of the membership.

As it was emphasized, the goal of the animation is to explain in an easily understandable way the most common issues and topics that the public is interested in, especially the younger population.

Animations deal with topics like the importance of the rule of law and relation between European and Euroatlantic integrations, price of the membership, economic benefits from the membership, construction of military bases and going in missions.

Animation that was published today explains that Montenegro, as a part of the large system, a system of collective defense, won’t have to develop a complete national system of defense.

“If it would develop and modernize a complete system of defense, Montenegro couldn’t protect itself completely and it would spend a lot more money on defense. Today Montenegro is spending around 1.7 percent of GDP for defense, and when it becomes a member of NATO, this will increase to 2 percent of the annual GDP. This budget for defense won’t be given away to anyone, but it will be used for modernization of our military”, it as stated in the announcement.

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