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Croatian Democratic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina reacts to what they say is a „two-sided“ deal

MOSTAR – Croatian Democratic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina (HDZ BIH) issued a press release in which they reacted to the meeting held on Sunday between Bakir Izetbegović and Milorad Dodik under the sponsorship of Lars-Gunnar Wigemark.

In a press release published at their official site, the party challenges the motives of the meeting and inquire whether was the chairman of the BH presidentship(Izetbegović) at the meeting as a member of the presidentship or in the name of his political party. In the same manner in which role was the president of Republika Srpska present at the meeting, as a representative of his entity, his political party, or personally.

More importantly they ask, what kind of influence does this agreement have on the institutions of the government(s) in Bosnia and Herzegovina and which state institution is mandatory to adopt the agreements reached at this meeting.
In addition they are uncertain as to what is the role of special representative of European Union in this political „play“.

This agreement, in their opinion, represents a deal of two sides without and against the third and such deals never made any progress, they exclaim.

‘We invite everbody who thinks they are exclusive owners of Bosnia and Herzegovina to come back to reality as soon as possible and to realise that all deals without the Croats are a dead letter on a paper’ states the party, thus concluding their press release.

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