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What has been fulfilled, and what remains to be fulfilled

meta_maliSKOPJE – The parties and institutions, two weeks after the representatives from the four political parties reached an agreement for an interim government to organize elections, have fulfilled all the deadlines outlined in the agreement.

What remains:

  • August 18 – Final deadline for the disputable voters to report to the SEC
  • August 19 – The formation of an ad hoc body to regulate the media
  • August 31 – Final deadline for the Leaders’ Meeting
  • September 2 – The opposition is to name the new chief Editor of the MRTV (only if elections are held on December 11)
  • September 2 – The amendments will be suspended to the Interior Ministry regarding the Ministers powers and authority (only if elections are held on December 1)


  • July 23 – MPs voted the amendments in Parliament to the Electoral Code
  • July 25 – The SEC published the list of the 39.502 disputable voters
  • July 28 – MPs voted the amendments in Parliament to the Law on Internal Affairs, the Law on Audio and Audiovisual Media Services, the Law on Criminal Proceedings and the Law on Government

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