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Finalization of the text on coordination mechanism

SARAJEVO - A meeting was held today in Sarajevo, between the Chairman of the Council of Ministers Denis Zvizdić, Prime Ministres of Federation of BiH and Republika Srpska- Fadil Novalić and Željka Cvijanović, and Ministres Vjekoslav Bevanda and Mirko Šarović on finalizing the text on coordination mechanism to implement the last suggestions needed for its full functioning.

In an available audio message published on the site of the Council of Ministres, Chairman Zvizdić said that the meeting did not take long because most of the issues were already solved before the meeting. Text on coordination mechanism is a final and joint product of all levels of government in B&H and the only winner is the European path of Bosnia & Herzegovina, he added. In his words, this meeting proved everybody that the government(s) in B&H have the capacity to agree on the principal issues needed for European integration.

Prime Minister of Republika Srpska, Željka Cvijanović emphasized the importance of agreeing on coordination mechanism for the functionality of all institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a matter of interaction between different levels of government in accordance with the Constitution, she added, stressing that all the technicalities have finally been solved.

Fadil Novalić, Prime Minister of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina stated that this is only the peak of a working summer in which the government completed a set of agreements which commited the authorities to work harder and bring Bosnia and Herzegovina closer to European Union. He stressed that if the text is finalized, it will be adopted tomorrow on the meeting of the government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Author: Marko Šilić