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Steinmeier: Agreement to be implemented credibly and rapidly

meta_maliBERLIN - Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the German Foreign Minister welcomed the agreement that the Macedonian parties reached following lengthy endeavours, many rounds of negotiations and talks – to hold early elections on December 11.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier

“The consensus is in keeping with the Pržino Agreement of June 2015. It is now crucial to implement the agreement on further procedures until the elections credibly and rapidly. A situation whereby the country falls further behind on its path to further integration with the EU must be prevented. In this context, it is important that the special prosecutor’s office tasked with investigating allegations of abuse of power can continue its work freely in order to strengthen the public’s confidence in the country’s democratic institutions”, said Steinmeier in a statement that he sent to the German Embassy in Macedonia.

The German Foreign Minister also thanked the EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn and his team, as well as the German special envoy, Johannes Haindl, the German Ambassador to Austria which, he said, his mediation contributed significantly to the success of the party talks.