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Zvizdić: New European Step – BiH Becomes Part of European Security System

SARAJEVO - Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH Denis Zvizdić stated that BiH, signing an Agreement on Operative and Strategic Cooperation with EUROPOL, became substantially a part of the European Police and Security System.

“By this act we have made a great step forward on the European integrations road, and realised one among the Reform Agenda commitments, in terms of securing a permanent institutional strengthening in fight against organised crime. The Agreement with EUROPOL will ensure high quality and more effective contribution to overall European security and in turn, Bosnia and Herzegovina will get all the capacities to assist its security sector in protection of the citizens of our state”, reads the statement by Chairman Zvizdić.

Along with a full endorsement to the Agreement, Chariman Zvizdić also expressed his belief that the experience of both EUROPOL and BiH security agencies will be in a mutual interest and will further contribute to more effective combating terrorism and all forms of organised crime.