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Čović meets Inzko, talks about the future of Dayton agreement

SARAJEVO - Member of the BH presidency, Dragan Čović, held a meeting in Sarajevo with EU High Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Valentin Inzko.

The main topic of the meeting was a recent letter directed towards the Peace Implementation Council, from Dragan Čović himself, in which he stressed the issue of systematic inequality of the Croatian people in B&H. The main reason for such a problem, in Čović’s opinion, is an unconstitutional state contrary to everything mandated by constitutional category of equal constituent status for all people in B&H.

Čović also highlighted the importance of equality for the smallest out of the three constituent peoples in B&H(meaning Croats) for defending constitutionality in general, as well as rule of law, and building mutual trust needed for adopting the core values and principles of the European Union. Therefore, Čović continued, rational solutions and reforms in this area are urgent.

High Representative Inzko thanked Čović for his letter, adding that it is crucial to perceive any deviation from the rights guaranteed by Washington and Dayton agreement.

Together they stated that these are serious issues which deserve special attention and that B&H needs high level of accountability and political consensus to achieve reforms.

In the end, Čović expressed his belief that 20th of September will be a date when B&H will receive positive response for its application for membership in the EU after which it is up to BH leaders to work responsibly on creating the terms for gaining a candidate status.