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Miščević: Confusion about the EU will not affect Serbia’s reforms

TANJUG_mali BELGRADE - The big confusion about Europe's future will not obstruct internal changes and reforms in Serbia, Serbia's chief EU negotiator Tanja Miščević said Monday.

Tanja Miščević

“A healthy debate on Europe’s future only helps our integration process,” Miščević said, responding to a reporter’s question about the Bratislava summit, a framework for a new Europe and their impact on Serbia’s European integration.

The confusion about what will happen to Europe is really big, but there is no such confusion in Serbia, she said.

“We want to take part in all discussions on the future of Europe. Europe is our environment today, a place we aspire to be in and a place where we will be a full member tomorrow. We are very interested in what it will be like, but this will in no way obstruct our internal changes and reforms and our discussions about what needs to be done,” she said.