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Kukan for RTS: I expect Serbia to open another chapter to the end of the year

BELGRADE - It is possible that Serbia opens more chapters in the negotiations on EU membership until the end of the year, since Slovakia will preside over the EU and, therefore, will do all it can to actually accomplish the goal, told Slovak MEP Eduard Kukan. In an interview with RTS he gave a short review of recent events in the region and estimated further Serbian progress in European integration.

Eduard Kukan

As reported by the RTS portal, Kukan believes that Serbia could open new chapters by the end of the year and given that Slovakia holds the EU presidency, he stressed that his country would do everything possible in order to make this happen. He also believes that Croatia would not set new conditions in the future. “We have a new Croatian Government, we all hope that the future Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, who is our colleague, former MEP, would behave differently”, he added.

When asked how he sees regional misunderstandings and whether they create a certain degree of concern for the future of the region, he expressed his concern, but at the same time the interest of the European Union for the stability of the region. “Let’s be frank, the current situation is fragile in many respects, and the Balkans has already proved that if lost sight of, it can cause problems for the whole of Europe”, he added. He also underlined that the European Union was closely monitoring what was happening and tried to help that these problems do not get out of control and greatly appreciates the role that Serbia has in this.

Asked to comment on recent statements of the retired general of the army of Bosnia and Herzegovina in which he mentions a word of war and threats, Kukan said that whoever mentioned that ugly word, must bear in mind their responsibility. “Brussels is concerned, and we hope that in the end it will still be understood as a statement of a retired general,” as he noted.