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Kocijancic: We want agreement, work still under way

TANJUG_maliBRUSSELS - Work on telecommunications is continuing as part of the technical dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, European Commission spokesperson Maja Kocijancic said Monday.

Maja Kocijančič; Photo: European Union

When asked by Tanjug’s correspondent to comment on a statement by Edita Tahiri, the head of the Pristina delegation, that Kosovo would be given an international calling code, Kocijancic noted the EU wanted an agreement on telecommunications, but that work on this was still under way.

We want an agreement to be reached this week, but the work is continuing today, she said.

The Serbian Office for Kosovo-Metohija said a calling code for Kosovo-Metohija as a territory within Serbia would be awarded only with Belgrade’s consent if an agreement was reached on a return of Telekom Srbija property there and in case the operator’s daughter company was enabled to work across the province.