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Tusk and Šarkić: Montenegro is best prepared

cdm logo Head of Montenegrin Mission to the EU, ambassador Bojan Šarkić, presented his credentials to the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, who underscored that Montenegro was best-prepared country among the candidates in the integration process, which was very demanding.

Foto: CdM

The officials discussed the European perspective of Montenegro and its progress in integration.

Šarkić particularly thanked president Tusk for his personal support for the democratic aspirations of Montenegro, expressed through strong friendly messages at the celebration of the tenth Montenegro’s independence anniversary in Podgorica.

“In this regard, he pointed to the difficult path Montenegro passed, both before and after the independence restoration and expressed the expectation that support from European partners in achieving our strategic objectives would be continued”, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated.

Šarkić underscored the commitment of the Montenegrin institutions to diligently fulfil the commitments of the European agenda.

Tusk said that this was a significant point in time for Montenegro in the both integration tracks.

“Taking into account the progress Montenegro has made in the current period, he expressed hope that the grand finale of the European road is close. In this context, he pointed out that Montenegro was best-prepared country among the candidates in the integration process, which is very demanding”, it was said in the ministry’s statement.

Tusk said that Montenegro may count on his personal support, adding that Montenegro has a lot of friends in Brussels.