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Howitt: International Community Will Not Support Postponement of Elections

meta_maliSKOPJE - The European Union’s report on Macedonia’s progress in European integration will be announced later this month, said MEP Richard Howitt, who also bid farewell to Macedonia as a feature reporter for the country.

“We learned our lesson from last year when the report was delayed due to Turkey. This year the report will be released on time, and later this month. The report will be sensitive due to the upcoming elections, but will not be anything different from previous ones. The European Union does not want to state anything that could be perceived as bias before the elections”, said Howitt.

The date of the election, according to him, should not be separated from the quality of elections, meaning they have come in a package. He said that the EU, OSCE and representatives of the international community will monitor the elections.

Asked about the possible re-postponement of the elections, Howitt said that the agreement should be respected.

“The European Union and the international community will not support the postponement of the elections. What was agreed has to be respected”, said Howitt.