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Vlahutin: Rooting out extremism requires a united effort

ata_maliTIRANA - The EU ambassador in Tirana, Romana Vlahutin, told on Tuesday at a news conference on “Preventing radicalism and violent extremism” that radicalism is a global phenomenon which requires a united effort to be fought.

Romana Vlahutin

“Extremism is a global phenomenon which needs a lot of action to be deterred. EU countries are also asking for cooperation to prevent it. Violent extremism is a challenge that should be faced on a united front,” the EU diplomat said during an activity held in Tirana.
Fighting extremism requires determination, knowledge and sensitivity, she said praising the inter-faith harmony in Albania.
“Violent extremism is also related to the youths. It is our responsibility to comprehend how the process of EU accession can serve to carry Albania forward. People do not want to see a corrupt govt. tied to crime, instead they want to see a complete overhaul necessary for each state aspiring to join the EU. It is also needed a plan to make the life more safe and secure for the citizens. There is a lot of work ahead to root out the extremism,” she said.