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Wigemark visited polling stations

SARAJEVO – Head of EU Delegation and EU Special Representative Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, and Deputy Head of Delegation Khaldoun Sinno visited polling stations in Sarajevo, East Sarajevo and Kiseljak on 2 October, the day of local elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina, announced the Delegation.

They reiterated the need for democratic, credible and inclusive electoral process.

“Citizens need to express their preferences freely and without undue pressure, and it is extremely important to safeguard the integrity of the electoral process”, Ambassador Wigemark said.

Ambassador Wigemark also visited the Call Centre of the Coalition “Pod lupom”, a joint initiative of six non-governmental organizations from BiH that has deployed some 3,000 observers across the country. The “Pod lupom” coalition is benefiting from the EU funded project “Building Accountability and Systems in the Elections – BASE”. This three-year project aims to contribute to the improved quality of election process in Bosnia and Herzegovina in line with the international standards and best practices, facilitating active participation of citizens in the advocacy and election monitoring.