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The EC has taken note of Serbia’s response to the law on Trepca

TANJUG_maliThe European Commission has "taken note" of the position that the Serbian government has taken regarding the Pristina's law on Trepca, said the EC spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic.

Maja Kocijančič; Photo: European Union

She has reiterated the views expressed on Monday at the European Commission headquarters in Brussels, with regard to the Serbian Government’s decision to annul all acts of the Kosovo institutions.
“We have taken note of the fact that a bill on Trepca had been passed in the Kosovo Assembly. We have also taken note of the Serbian Government’s position in response to it”, Kocijancic said in a written statement delivered to Tanjug.
Maja Kocijancic has once again stressed that the European Union encourages all political representatives of Kosovo, whether they come from majority or minority political parties, to remain engaged in the political dialogue concerning such an important issue for Kosovo.
In an earlier statement for Tanjug, Kocijancic specified that both Belgrade and Pristina must consent to putting the issue of Trepca on the agenda of the EU-facilitated dialogue in Brussels.
On Saturday, Kosovo Assembly passed a law on Trepca, according to which the Trepca mining complex will be transformed into a shareholding company in which Kosovo government will control 80 per cent of shares.
As a response to this law, Serbian government decided to annul all the legal consequences of acts and actions by the interim self-government institutions in Pristina regarding the factual and legal position of the Trepca mining complex, said Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic.