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Montenegro: No one has absolute majority

cdm logoPODGORICA - No participant of parliamentary elections in Montenegro won absolute majority, which means no political subject can form the government by itself. There were 528.817 registered voters.

Polling booths for parliamentary and local elections in Bar, Kotor, Andrijevica and Gusinje were closed last night at 20h. According to NGOs who followed the elections, voter turnout was 71% by 19h. There were 528.817 registered voters. There were 17 national candidates lists.

Democratic Party of Socialists DPS has won the elections again. We won 36 mandates which is double than the first one behind us, said leader of this list Milo Đukanović speaking to gathered followers in the building of the old government.

 DF does not understand the reason DPS is celebrating. They say that the opposition has the majority and that they are inviting minorities to support their idea of temporary government that would organize free and fair elections.

“Opposition still has the majority with 41 seats. Citizens must know that the elections that were supposed to be free ended up being the complete opposite in the last two days. Police did everything it could to support Milo Đukanović’s story of the state being in danger”, said leader of DF Andrija Mandić.

Democrats of Montenegro are the most pleasant surprise of the elections, having won over 10% of support, said leader of this party Aleksa Bečić.

He reminded that DPS has 35 seats, DF 18, Ključ 9, Democrats 9 and SDP 4. “No party has absolute majority, but days and weeks in front of us will give answer as to where should the leadership gi“, Bečić said. According to him, 4 opposition parties have 40 mandates, and DPS 35.

According to CEMI sample of 90,7%:

  • DPS – 36 seats
  • DF – 18 seats
  • Ključ – 9 seats
  • Democrats – 8 seats
  • SDP – 4 seats
  • SD – 2 seats
  • Bosniank Party – 2 seats
  • HGI -1 seat
  • Forca – 1 seat