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Gjosha: Justice reform, crucial for Albania’s future

TIRANA – Minister of European Integration, Klajda Gjosha, attended on Wednesday the conference “Albania in the Berlin process” organized in the light of German October.

Klajda Gjosha

In her speech, minister Gjosha pointed out that the Berlin process launched by Chancellor Merkel back in 2014 was meant to boost EU integration for all countries in the region. It is also aimed at transforming our region in political, economic and security areas.

“Today, two years on, I believe we share the same view that there would be nothing better than this approach to bring our countries closer, to establish closer relations, provide political and financial support for a number of inter-connectivity projects in the field of infrastructure, energy, trade, employment and youth,” Minister Gjosha said.

The minister added that given the crucial role of Albania in maintaining stability in the region, there is full commitment to breaking down any barrier and enabling an efficient regional cooperation and EU accession.

“Of course, there is some sort of concern among countries in the region after Brexit that enlargement could be perceived as a secondary issue or that our region risks becoming isolated or other referendums would further restrict the EU capacity,” she said.
In this context, Minister Gjosha, having appreciated the real support towards regional countries in the accession process, expressed her confidence that the prospect of enlargement through the Berlin process is a very clear response in the interest of the Western Balkans and entire Europe.

Citing justice overhaul, Minister Gjosha stated that Albania has already finalized its landmark reform.

Its importance, given the impact of the rule of law on economy, fight against corruption and organized crime, is crucial for the country’s future. It is a key condition for our top priority: the process of integration.

Gjosha added that Albania has asked for a positive recommendation, a pledge which the EC should fulfill for Albanians.

“We believe that this reflection on the next report will be another boost to implementation of all reforms that serve the European future. Anything launched in Berlin is crucial for Albania and entire region when it comes to state-building processes,” minister Gjosha said.