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Serbian opposition leader met with Davenport in talks concerning “Trepča”

BELGRADE - President of the movement “Enough is enough” Saša Radulović visited the head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Michael Davenport to personally hand him a letter intended for European officials, asking for protection of property rights concerning the Trepča mine. Radulović sent a personal letter on Monday to the heads of the European Parliament, European Commission, European Council, the Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement, to the heads of all parliamentary groups in the European Parliament, prime ministers and presidents of their respective national assemblies, as well as the ambassadors of EU member states.

He personally delivered a letter to Ambassador Davenport and spoke to him about the information that are stated in the letter.

The letter warns that the decision of the Assembly of Kosovo on confiscation of assets of the mine “violated one of the basic principles of civilization – the inviolability of property”, and committed a dangerous precedent for the EU.

Company “Kombinat Trepča” has registered capital of over 100 million euros, and Kosovo Assembly a few days ago passed a law which grants 80% of company’s equity to the Government of Kosovo, and the remaining 20% to its employees.